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I Heart Home

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A scrapbook collection of all things Cottage, Shabby, French, Brocante, Thrifty, Flea Market, Homemade & Vintage chic as well some handy hints, tricks and craft projects to inspire the perfect home & garden.
Most photos are the wonderful work of others and I do not claim them. Click on any of the pictures to see the original sources. Any pictures that belong to me are marked as my own work.

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Brown wrapping paper with ribbon accents creates the perfect rustic, Christmas theme. See how I got on creating my own rustic Christmas by clicking this picture.
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I died!
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Years ago, I found this image in a magazine and it went straight into my scrapbook…now I’ve finally found it online :D…It’s most definitely a must have for me!
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Dining room by countrykitty on Flickr.
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