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I Heart Home

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A scrapbook collection of all things Cottage, Shabby, French, Brocante, Thrifty, Flea Market, Homemade & Vintage chic as well some handy hints, tricks and craft projects to inspire the perfect home & garden.
Most photos are the wonderful work of others and I do not claim them. Click on any of the pictures to see the original sources. Any pictures that belong to me are marked as my own work.

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So pretty!
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Oh so decadent! I love the effect of this!
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Adorable! Click for a make and do guide from the source!
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Somewhere between travelling to work this morning and travelling home this evening I gained 15 lovely new followers (This is a huge deal for me). Now I have passed my next goal :).
So, hi new followers and welcome, thank you for your company. Thank you to all of you for reminding me that someone is keeping their eye on my silly little postings.
This shabby, delightful bike is for you guys, with love :)
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Home made pom poms…I don’t think it gets any cuter!
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How exquisite! A wedding bouquet made from vintage door knobs! Utterly unique and beautiful!
Click the picture for the tutorial :)
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